Posted date: 02 Fri, Jul 2021 09:27:36 PM

Here is the emergence of another woman director. That is Sumithra Ramesh Gowda from ‘Kapokalpitham’ a Kannada film ready with shoot and postproduction waiting for the censor to pass certificate. One song and trailer of the film was screened for media on Friday morning at Renukamba Digital theatre in Malleswaram 18th Cross.

For Kapokalpitham Sumithra Gowda is the key actor and joint producer with main producer Ganidev Karkala. It is a thriller with horror elements. The characters in this film imagine in different ways on the existence of ghost. Sumithra Gowda is a graduate in Management studies worked as associate director for ‘Jishnu’ Kannada film that is half way.

Not disclosing much about the film Sumithra Gowda says the characters behavior to save them is the crux of the film. The shoot took place in Mangaluru and Udupi last year.

Producer Ganidev Karkala story writer, screenplay, dialogue, lyrics and scoring music says this is third film as producer. Ne made Nakshatra and Jishnu in the past but Jishnu is not yet complete. He had penned two songs for the film.

One of the main actors is Pritam Akkihalli. From TV serial Mangalyam Tantunanena, one film Student as co actor he is doing something special in this film.

Sandeep Malani journalist turned director and actor is in a guest role and shoot will be held soon. Sandeep Malani plays a retired circle inspector. Real journalist Gowrish Akki interviewing him is the portion of Malani.

Ramesh Chikke Gowda, Kavitha, Kannika Poojari, Ganidev Karnkala are joint producers, It is Savyachi Creations, Bathu Kulal (BK Creations) handled cinematography and editing.


Shivaraj Karkera, Rajesh Kannur, Vinitha, Vishal Amogh, Chutra, Dikshita Gowda and others are in the supporting cast.

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