Posted date: 19/March/2010

We are not reporting about the Hindi film ‘Karthik calling Karthik’ of Deepika Padukone and Farhan Akthar. This is just about Kannada film ‘Karthik’ starring Karthik Shetty with pretty looking Archana Gupta in the lead roles that went on the floors on Thursday morning at Sri Laksmi Temple behind Seshadripuram College in Bangalore.

Taking lovely training in martial arts in Singapure Karthik Shetty who made debut in ‘Yuva’ is appearing in five deadly action scenes. The super part of this film is the screenplay loaded with all the ingredients of a commercial cinema says Karthik Shetty.

Actress Archana Gupta with one release Circus in Kannada and another one ‘Lift Kodla’ ready is again in a romantic love story film. The best part is the screenplay she says and inter-action scenes are good she pointed.

Satish Shetty a Mangalorean settled in Mumbai attached to Marathi films and stage has picked this action cum love story after watching Karthik Shetty’s ‘Yuva’. For usual story I am giving new treatment says Satish Shetty. He is shooting in Bangalore, Kerala and Mumbai for the film.

A Mallu youngster John V is scoring his first Kannada film music after gaining good status in his Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. Manjunath Naik handles the camera while Hrudayashiva writes dialogues and also lyrics. Raj K Purohit is playing bad man on screen. Sunil is in the comedy track.

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