Posted date: 2/August/2010

The proposed Bundh of Kannada Film Industry on Monday has been called after the Big 92 FM a Reliance Group air station apologizing deeply. As a punishment to the radio channel one day it will go off air, apologize in newspaper advertisements and for fifteen days the air station would apologize in every half an hour to Kannada film industry for the disturbing program it aired sometime back.

In the presence of all the bigwigs of the KFI at KFCC office on Sunday noon Mr Narasimhan, Sunil Kumaran and mediator to this Prashanth Sampargi spoke to media on this matter.

Basanthkumar Patil addressing the media thanked the entire media for publishing the yesterday bundh call meeting. The radio channel and KFCC tug of war has taken U turn. Considering the seriousness of one month off air of radio channel we discussed with the members till 1 am yesterday and taken this decision. We have reconsidered the issue and they have agreed for three demands said Patil.

What the Big 92.7 FM has said in the letter head of Reliance Media World Limited:

Responding to Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce concerns:

In a signed letter Sunil Kumaran, Cluster Head of Karnataka and Kerala Big 92.7 FM stated ‘We have had series of discussions with KFCC on the concerns raised by them about the content aired on our evening show. In this regard, we have reached to an amicable solution and as a gesture to demonstrate that we are part of the industry and have the best interest in mind, we have agreed to SHUT DOWN our station for a day. We would also release ads in newspapers and carry apology capsule on air for fifteen days.

We respect the film industry and their work and we have demonstrated this on many occasions in the past by partnering and promoting so many Kannada films and will continue to do so in the future. We intend to work closely with the fraternity and extend whatever support we are capable of offering to promote Kannada movies.

Yours sincerely

Sunil Kumaran, Cluster head, Karnataka and Kerala, Big 92.7 FM

The President of KFCC Basanthkumar Patil maintained non cooperation movement for Big Pictures and Big Cinemas in his address. We will have no business from the Kannada film industry he strongly informed.

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