Posted date: 4/March/2009

The Kannada Film Producers Association headed by K.C.N.Chandrasekhar
is going all around Karnataka to create awareness of Kannada cinema
very soon.

Speaking at the concluding day event of ‘Amrutha Mahotsava’ KCN
Chandrasekhar made it clear that for the development and good interest
of Kannada cinema industry this state travel is taken up in nook and
corner. The KFPA President KCN Chandraskehar also announced that it is
seeing to it theatres are built up in district and taluk level, in the
reduction of theatre rent it is bringing pressure on KFCC, forcing the
Multiplex to screen Kannada films four shows a day and a training camp
will be organized for writing scripts and screenplay he said.

Pointing to remake films KCN showed his sympathy to it as it would
help the cinema workers to get job. The remake of films is good
provided the screenplay is good he said. It is inevitable today to
sell the rights to television channels he felt.

The former union minister MP Ananthkumar advised the film industry
people to go according to the change in technology. The editor of
Kannada Prabha HR Ranganath in an eye opening speech on Anti Goonda
Act recommended for an alternative to it instead of going behind the
government to introduce it. The present BJP government is giving green
signal to everything HRR said looking at the senior BJP politician

Prof.Baraguru Ramcahandrappa, Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar and
Dr.Jayamala were also present at the seminar on ‘Kannada cinema Solu,
Geluvu and Savvalu’. Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar presided over the

Mr Gangadhar Mudaliar on quality of Kannada films, Dwarakish on
challenges of film making today, SV Rajendra Singh Babu on market of
Kannada cinema, S.A.Chinne Gowdaa on Film and media, Rockline
Venkatesh on theatre rents and ticket price, Sa.Ra.Govindu on piracy
CD and DVD presented the papers.

The concluding day evening was again cultural feast of one hour. The
Snake Mona was special attraction. Dr.Jayamala present at this
cultural evening condemned the child being lifted from hair.

While nearly 3000 people had lunch on the 3rd event afternoon nearly
650 from the industry had the dinner.

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