Posted date: 26/May/2009

For not giving the children tag for ‘Bettadapuradha Ditta Makkalu’ the director of the film attacked the censor board for not understanding the purpose of the film. All members ‘Kai Katti Kulthirthare’! They do not speak! only Chandrasekhar speaks. He is ‘Mungopi’. He says there is guideline for children films go and see at the KFCC. When I check up with KFCC they say there is no such guideline from Regional censor. When the government is ready to give Rs.25 lakhs for two children films every year why censor board is creating problems and seeing to it that does not reach the producer Kodlu asked.

Kodlu Ramakrishna argued that the ‘Children Certificate’ for my film was not given because there are no entertaining elements for children in the film. I told censor Chandrasekhar in case I add songs to this film it becomes an entertainer? He did not say anything nor allowed other members to speak.

When Kodlu was brought to the notice there is no separate category called ‘Children Certificate’ and it is only written as children feature film next to ‘U’ certificate he was not ready to accept the fact.

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