Posted date: 5/August/2010

The generation next joining the filmdom is nothing new in the Indian cinema. Now veteran Siddalingaiah grandson Atharva son of famous Tamil actor Murali is making foray in to Tamil cinema. All of them have roots in Karnataka!

Siddalingaiah is a veteran director of some of the notable Kannada films like Bangaradha Manushya, Bhoothaihna Maga Ayyu and others locked his grand son Atharva for three hours and gave him a lecture. Siddalingaiah what he did not want his son Murali to become expected his grandson to become.

That is now fulfilled as Murali’s son Atharva the third semester engineering student in electronic division has made debut to give electrifying performance in Tamil film ‘Baana Khatadi’.

The Kulagowrava of Siddalingaiah family addressed the media on Wednesday at The Bell Hotel in the morning.

Atharv has seen top films of his father and grandfather. He spoke in Kannada at Bangalore and he showed his good temperament and ability. He looks smart and height is another advantage for him.

He is a lover boy with lot of sentiments. The slum people have good heart he says from his debut Tamil film. I was in Rayalapura slum for one and half months to get to know more things. It was like workshop for me. Heart and mind is important he stressed in this film.

Murali is making a comeback to Kannada in October and during that this time his son is also likely to make debut in Kannada and Tamil film.

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