Kasturi TVís record revenue performance
Posted date: 24/October/2008

Aj Impact Powers Kasturi TV’s record revenue performance

Kasthuri TV, the GEC in Kannada, promoted by the first generation Media entrepreneur form Karnataka, Anitha Kumaraswamy has clocked a record advertising revenue of close to 12 crores in it’s very first year of inception. This is arguably the highest revenues clocked through advertising sales for any Regional Indian Channel in the country till date.
“Our team performed as planned and a big thanks to Aj Impact Media for making this happen” says Mark Balaajee, the CEO of Kasthuri Media Pvt. Ltd.

This stellar performance at Kasthuri is powered by Aj Impact Media Pvt.Ltd, a company,fully owned and headed by Ajay Kumar Ramanuja and his team of senior media professionals in Sanjay Jariwal and Rasool Ali along with a host of other SMEs.

“I am convinced that this is a record performance for a regional channel across the country and I am proud of my team and our client-Kasthuri” Says Ajay Ramanuja,MD of Aj Impact Media- a Media and communication consulting firm based out of Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Ajay and his team of Sanjay & Rasool Ali at Aj Impact, with their collective experience of over 50 years in Regional Satellite TV and other Media have been associated with Kasthuri and have been assisting the senior management in commissioning and establishing the GEC Channel form Bangalore in the last 18 months.
However Kasthuri was launched on September 26th 2007.

Not only did Kasthuri clocked a record revenue posting of 12 crores in the first 365 days
Of it’s existence, but the Aj Impact Team has also ensured that the inventory management and traffic flows were managed in a systematic and professional manner with almost negligible operational and traffic management issues.

“We know we will do well when we will keep our advertisers and their agencies happy
On the operational front” says Sanjay Jariwal, the Ad Sales spearhead of Aj Impact Media. He goes on to add that we are happy that we can woo and deliver to all the major national and most of Key Regional advertisers right from the word go.

“We have developed a ‘rolls Royce’ like efficiencies in operations to match our strategic and tactical promotions for advertising revenues. Mainly thanks to a lot of advance planning and complete freedom and support of the Senior Management and Promoters at Kasthuri Says Ajay Kumar Ramanuja, MD of AJ Impact Media.

He feels that Kasthuri is the best of all the achievements for him and his team as the channel was promoted by a relative novice in TV Media and it was definitely not easy to
Win the confidence and appreciation internally, especially in the initial periods.

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