Komal, Guru Adding to the confusion
Posted date: 12/November/2010

Komal, who dropped out as an actor playing a film director in Director's Special, has roped in the film's director Guruprasad to play a director in his first film as producer, Kal Manja. It is a bit confusing if not arranged in chronology. First director Guruprasad roped Komal to play the lead in his film Director' Special. His character was that of a Kannada film director. The film was an attempt to look at the film world in a humorous way and was said to have contained scenes lampooning many current directors of Sandalwood. Just before shooting was to start, Komal opted out of the film saying he was not the right person to essay the role.

Guruprasad then began his search for new faces and selected almost an entire fresh cast for the film. Meanwhile Komal turned producer and launched Kal Manja. He managed to bring Guruprasad as an actor in the film. Guruprasad has essayed the role of a film director in Kal Manja. Fortunately Komal has not added to the confusion by directing the film. He is only the producer while Prabhakar is the director.

"I want to remain as a person who has no enemies. It was a great experience working with Guruprasad. This film will show that his abilities is not just confined to direction and writing scripts. He is a brilliant actor as well," says Komal about Guruprasad. Each shot of the film was captured simultaneously in three cameras from different angles to cut down on the shooting time. In a month, the shooting has been completed.

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