Posted date: 29 Thu, Jul 2021 08:57:13 PM
The Kannada film ‘Lanke’ lovely song written by Ghouse Peer ‘Nayanake Nayana Sero Kshana’….beautifully composed by Karthik Sharma released as pre publicity of the film. Anand Audio has brought out this in its youtube.

The song was well captured in lovely locations composed in Sufi style and shot in the Art of Living Ashram of Guruji Sri Ravishanker the great spiritual person. The release of this song got a good opening and the strong backbone for this film it seems. There are two more songs in this film.

Music director Karthik Sharma placed only one request for his four songs to director Ramprasad – that is to shoot the songs immaculately. The first song released Nayanake Nayana Sero Kshana….seems to have fulfilled this requirement.

‘Lanke’ is a Kannada film featuring tall and lanky Yogish and the film has three beautiful Krishi Thapanda as the female lead.

Explaining the happiness and sorrow felt was the content of this song narrated by director Ramprasad MD addressing the media on Wednesday at SRV Theatre in Malleswaram. The lyricist Ghouse Peer lines that include ‘Dharma’ colorfully choreographed by Dhananjay and after 20 days meeting to pick the right place finally Art of Living Ashram was suggested. The very good cooperation of producer Patel Srinivas and Surekha Ramprasad gave encouragement to the director. Instead of 20 dancers, 80 dancers got ready, remembers Ramprasad.

Lyricist Ghouse Peer appreciated the debut singer Dhanush for making it worthwhile and this is the fourth song of Ghouse Peer in this year.

Krishi Tapanda, the lovely and happening heroine with a series of films, feels it is an overwhelming situation. Coming after so long before the media, this song appears to be a hit like my previous films.

Actor of over 25 films Yogish remembered national award winning actor Vijay who is also part of this film. As far as the release of the film is concerned Yogish says the team is ready even for 50 percent attendance and hope to release it by August 20. Yogish maternal uncle action hero Vijay film ‘Salaga’ is also set for release on this day. Coming back to the film song Yogish says many listeners he feels would lap up one hearing of this.

The film ‘Lanke’ is in The Great Entertainers banner and has the backdrop of rowdy activities as backdrop. There is a shade of ‘Sri Ramayana’ in this film. Actor Yogish is like a villain in this film. Another beautiful actress Kavya Shetty has action portions in her role. Ester Naronha is another heroine. An episode of Mandya is shown naturally in this film. 
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