Posted date: 4/March/2011

Presenting a silver sword, honoring with shawl and huge garland the contemporary of century hero Shivarajakumar – Jaggesh stated that Shiv should become the Nayaka! We will follow him in the coming days said Jaggesh was an indirect attack on the President of Kannada Cinema Artists Association Ambarish.
Knowingly or unknowingly Jaggesh said Shivarajakumar should lead us. Jaggesh recalled Room No18 in High Lands Hotel 35 years ago where Shivarajakumar and Gurudut were smoking as he went inside. I asked him to recommend for ‘Ranadheera’ Kannada film and later V Ravichandran gave me the ‘Saath’. Shiv and Ravi are my shoulders said Jaggesh.
I took Rs.8 from my wife Parimala which she had kept for eating chocolates to fill the petrol tank to meet Shivarajakumar. I went for meeting him to recommend for a chance. I got Rs.8000 as payment in that I took telephone connection for Rs.4000 recalled Jaggesh. Jaggesh considered Dr Rajakumar as ‘Maha Sadhaka, Santha and Yugapurusha’. Son of such a person is also with good qualities he pointed.
V Ravichandran considered Shivarajakumar as always the horse on track. Let there be Solu for me not for Shivanna he pointed. He lost weight but increased his treasure but I have increased weight and lost my ‘Khajane’. Lights should not be off. All of you don’t know the friendship of two of us. Look at Shivarajakumar. He danced with yester, today and tomorrow heroines.
Ramesh Aravind wanted to say something when he was honored by Puneeth Rajakumar but he had to cut short his speech. You have seen so long with affection. Be with us for many more years he added.

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