Posted date: 14/December/2008

It is only good hearts that give good hospitality where everyone eat, drink and exchange pleasantries. The party hosted by Soundaraya Jagadish on the release day of ‘Masth Maja Madi’ was one such worth remembering party.

The little star Master Snehith Jagadish who made debut in a dance number first invited the guests saying Namaskara, good evening to everyone present. He has danced for the portion in the Shakalaka boom learning in just half an hour. The looks, steps and costume for this cute kid of producer earned good applaud. He was almost the darling of everyone on the ‘MMM’ get together party. Master Snehith Jagadish taking his father Soundarya Jagadish to the dance master Tribhuvan he thanked him for showing the steps.

From the last two months the crop is not good and our film has seen some fine opening and the title is itself discussed first and recognized by the audience said the proud producer Soundarya Jagadish who has put 50 prints to cater to the people of Karnataka. He feels that the team effort is responsible in such a making that has eventually drawn good response.

The hard work, the atmosphere cozy environment was giving a feel that the film would shape up well for the film was the collective opinion. This film in fact gave me recognition and people in the industry came to know who Anantharaju is said the director.

The film is fitting to the title. The participation in this film with good stars has been a great opportunity. We have literally enjoyed the film and given enjoyable film said the handsome Vijaya Ragavendra. He has seen the film and happy on the response and cheering crowd enjoying.

Diganth the dual dimple darling of girls has been receiving calls already and his dilemma of market crash impact on cinema has now been cleared. Out of 10 nine are talking of this cinema is a sign of winning said Nag Kiran who plays dumb in the film. Glamour quotient Jennifer Kotwal is happy for the environment factor given by the director. This is not an art film everyone can enjoy she said.

Music director Balaje is thrilled with the opening of the film. I had seen for Tamil films such openings and my wish of scoring music for Kannada film has taken place. We have been working on the music from last three months. I used to see Sudeep when he had come to Chennai for his films I used to tell by technicians to work in his film. The day has come from ‘Masth Maja Maadi’ Balajee felt happy.

For the fun and frolic given by ‘Masth Maja Maadi’ it was a party time at The Bell Hotel.

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