Posted date: 1/January/2010

By and large this is a better proposition the Zee Kannada bosses are putting forward before the people of Karnataka. Sala Madiyadhru Thuppa Thinnu…says one of the songs in ‘Dhuniya’ Kannada film. Then come to the doorsteps of Zee Kannada to clear the loans! This is what called as ‘Saalakkondu Salaam’. This is coming up in 39 episodes in Zee Kannada from January 11 Monday to Wednesday.

An ordinary citizen of this country with Rs.10 lakh loan on his head can contact the Zee Kannada and try his luck. What he has to do is that he has to send the SMS message. Take part in several rounds of the ‘Salakkondu Salaam’ to win Rs.10 lakh. The savings, joint, current account rounds follow the ATM and blank cheque round. The participants have to tender the real papers of loans. No fake papers at all say Vaishnavi the program head.

In the nine episodes shot so far with lovely looking anchor Varsha alias Sindhu three persons have won Rs.2.85, 1.16 lakhs and Rs.40000.

There are episodes for farmers, government employees, private employees, home makers, politicians, small scale entrepreneurs, senior citizens, film producers etc.

Varsha the heroine of two Kannada films standing tall today in the television industry (she is 5 feet 10 and half inches is not the reason to call standing tall) with lovely fluent Kannada and very sweet mannerism is the other charmer of this program. She has already done a successful program for Zee Kannada ‘Yaariguntu Yaarigilla’.

Business head J Shekar says after all variety put to test the channel is aiming on this unique one. This program concept is designed completed by Zee in house he says. This is going to be meaningful and sensible entertainment he adds.

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