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The stage is set for a grand release of `Love You Rachchu` on 31st of December 2021. A film with all commercial contents to welcome the year 2022! It is a combination of prominent writer and director Shashank script plus screenplay, well known director Guru Deshpande production in G Cinemas, two prominent actors Ajay Rao, Rachita Ram plus the additional Manikanth Khadri in music, Sri of Crazy minds cinematography and editing plus a two decades experienced Shanker S Raj as debutant director in this film.

With Ajay Rao keeping away from the team of his own film for differences of opinions, the other team members addressed the media on the pre-release of `Love You Rachchu`.

Look at what key persons have told about the present scenario of the film:

MANIKANTH KHADRI Music director – When Ugadi comes we forget old and forge ahead. Let us do it now for this film release happening on the eve of New Year. For a successful director story and successful producer combination working was challenging. Icing on cake is the presence of Rachita Ram and Ajay Rao. We composed in the olden day`s pattern.

Aravind Rao -  what I talk you would not write but Guruprasad talk you would write – I am in a negative shade role. Asked for a big role but he said this film run on my track. He knows how to pacify artists.

Guruprasad – this script was made at the Covid time. One line told to Ajay Rao. I also told a story but Shashank developed his line in three months with screenplay and dialogues. Second half I made some suggestions. As a director, I had wanted some changes with director Shashank. Shashank gave me the bound script of this film. Director Shashank S Raj is undoubtedly the director. As he has this conversation problem, he narrated mostly to Ajay Rao to explain it to Rachita Ram. The people from Uttar Kannada districts have this problem of easily mingling.

In this film, the hero and heroine are important. I was bent on Rachita Ram doing this role. Ajay also came for discussion. Both narrated the script to her. Shanker S Raj came on board for direction. Then three songs came from Manikanth Khadri and he is music director for Pentagon also. for 15 days he did re-recording for the film at my office. For this suspense thriller cinema Rajan worked on sounds. Achyuth Kumar, Aravind Rao, B Suresha and others acted in this film. There is one more villain.

I invited Ajay Rao for trailer launch. But he had told `Manasthapa` with me. It is Kitthado Cinema Alla. Let us leave that members not come to the promotion event. Ajay has done a good job. His feedback is also heard! Here afterwards I will not invite him and he will also not invite me related to this film.

Film is releasing on 31, and it will be coined as a good cinema. I have great belief. Supporting good cinemas he appealed to the audience and media. This film is not in digital format. Four months later, it will come on satellite.

RACHITA RAM – Olle Kelsakke Kelavu Negative Iruththe! We are facing it. The Sadhane process is a burden! Producer saying that I will come to the streets upset me. It is Guruprasad`s third film. I do not want producers to speak like that. Ella Bhagavanthana Kailidi…Haage Mathadakoodadu.

We are missing Ajay Rao, we cannot force. Ishta Illa andre Ashte! Let us be silent on this issue and he is doing promotion. Ajay did dignified films. I had the ambition of doing Adbutha scripts with him. I had seen that the heroine has more opportunity in his films. In the past he said not for another script as more scope was not there for me. We have done research. Ajay`s contribution and involvement is good. The title was before I came on board. Three songs by Manikanth Khadri are good. Title track, Muddu Muddu…Ninna Nodutha is impressive.

Sri camera work input was also good. Emotion, love, fun, thriller, suspense, action – what not, everything is there. Trailer got terrific support. I hope for good results. It is not Dayavittu Nodi…the content is good, this is what she asked.

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