Posted date: 27/January/2009

The popular Kannada film producer K.Manju was the cynosure of the media on last Sunday evening at the ‘Amrutha-Mathu Manthana’ a unique program by the Kannada film journalists’ fraternity. The idea of such a refreshing thought is to honor, hear and give hospitality for the leading personalities of cinema industry on the occasion of ‘Amrutha Mahotsava’ of Kannada cinema industry. It was the most successful one not because of the attendance of media friends from print and electronic but because of the wonderful statements and observations of producer K.Manju. gives you the highlights of what producer K.Manju has said in his one hour inter action with the media.


As a child Manju could not get education at Mayasandra of Tumkur district in Karnataka. In the evening street lamps or kerosene lamps he was supposed to study. He could not complete SSLC in first attempt and took courage to complete PUC later in Bangalore. His mother Sakamma has given everything possible in his life working as servant, nurse in NIMHANS. Maju considers his mother is the captain of his huge joint family. He has come up from lurch and knows the pains and poverty in life. No one can scold the working class in his house is the policy he has set in.

To make the college fees he was running autos for earning Rs.150. he was mixing kerosene to petrol to run the autos. From morning 4.30 am till 11.30 pm in the night he used to run the autos to support his living. Around this time he became very rough too. He set up Vinayaka Automobile shop and the idea of business has struck him.

K.Manju lives with his mother, brother, sister in law, his wife and two children in Jayanagar residence. He has two sisters in which one sister two daughters are highly brilliant in studies.

When Manju spoke on his mother difficult days he collected tears and it was touching narration. I respect my wife very much and hope she agrees me to act. I came to become an actor.

I am called as Kobri Manju because I was selling coconuts of Tiptur in Bangalore. I am Auto Manju too because I was driving autos. I am Gandugali also because I have been given the honor by Ekalavya newspaper in Tumkur.

K.Manju is in to politics too. He made a survey in the last assembly election to contest from JDS ticket in Jayanagar. It did not give him positive response. It is not Nillodhu but Gellodhu is important and then doing good things to people is more important.

He wanted to be an Engineer or Doctor had the education was properly given to him.


Ever since Manju came to cinema from Anuraga Spandana in 1997 he has been outspoken. He never minces words and even utters bad words for the wrong doers. The fear he gathers is because he does not like cheating of money. Out of 23 films he has produced he has lost in 8 made profit in seven and his investments came back for the remaining 8 films. Manju means attacking speeches, respect and doing the job precisely.

On the present crop of producers Manju says they do not have proper training. A producer today is squeezed from all the sides for money. The costume alone there are instances of Rs.8 lakh losses. The production team left right and center ask for money. The director does not start the shoot early in the morning. He comes at 10.30 to shoot. There are no good associate directors today.

The huge water pipe is leaking in a big way – that is the problem we have to set right. There is no point in closing the small tap Manju categorically made this statement knowing at the recent developments in his fraternity. The first class story has to be prepared and saving the producer from all the areas should be given a thought.


Today the audience is left in lurch. How can the middle class audience come for a minimum of Rs.70 ticket? The exhibitors have to reduce the ticket price and the producer should not vouch for hike in per ticket. No one is caring for the audience. I emphasize on reduction of ticket price from the release of my film ‘Rajakumari’.

I believe in wining everyone out of love and affection. I want to come before the audience as an actor. I hope it will happen in 2009.


Producer K Manju firmly believes that it is piracy that is eating the profits of the producers. Even a small film, box office failure films are pirated today.

The last president of Film Producers Association Sandesh Nagaraj gave false promises. He did not care to give solutions. The producers do not have a proper place today to discuss our problems.

I remember what crazy star Ravichandran used to tell – one song was shot in one day and the entire film in 20 days was complete. The music director cost used to be Rs.8 lakhs. Today it is 30 to 35 lakhs of rupees. Except a few the artists are not disciplined in payment.

The location charges are up from one time to another time. Who is asking such discrepancy? Can anyone give answers to it?





For the better looks, thinking, words, behavior Dr.Vishnuvardhana is responsible says Manju. I have produced five of his films and the one coming up ‘Naane Bere Nan Style Bere’ will be another Aptha Mithra of Dr.Vishnuvardhana as for as the range of making and believe that it would give good box office result too. Dr.Vishnuvardhana has not done such a role so far in his career.

Dr.Vishnuvardhan a very close and affectionate personality to me only asked me to make the film and not think about remuneration.


I would request a few media has to change in its style but maximum of the media is very supportive. A person like me a producer is recognized today in public is only because of media. Please don’t write off any film as ‘Dabba’. You are a part of the industry and we are with you always.

If media is not there then our films have tool to reach the public. Anything bad said about the media I would not tolerate.


The 25th film of K Manju is the 199th film of Dr.Vishnuvardhana ‘Naane Bere Nan Style Bere’. On floor Yogi and Olave Jeena Lekkachara are there and ready to hit the screen is ‘Rajakumari’. In the coming days he has the call sheet of Vijay, Ganesh, Premkumar. He still wants a good children film and waiting for P Seshadri as director.

K Manju intends to make film in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi languages.

At the start of the ‘Amrutha Maathu Manthana’ senior journalist Sadashiva Shenoy made it clear that the intention of the evening is only to gather news from the respected personality of the Kannada cinema industry. Our pen, flashing cameras and visual media is not having any ulterior motive.

Mr Jagadish of Kasthuri channel in his humble address said the visual media, print media and photographers are always together in the professional work.

Veterans P.G.Srinivasamurthy and A.S.Murthy presented books written by journalists to producer K.Manju and wished him a bright and prosperous career.

The party after one hour interaction at Green House Raj Milan was hosted by Film media journalists and PRO’s of Kannada cinema.



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