Posted date: 18/January/2011

The child prodigy with Guinness record for directing the Kannada film ‘Care of Foot Path’ at the age of 13 years Master Kishen now two years grown up at the 10th standard is making new attempts and his learning process in animation has made him to conquer new horizons.
Kishen bespectacled with the new hairstyle break in the voice comes very clear on his thoughts and ambitions. His tender looks the innocent attitudes are equally good to see.
Come let us talk to cute 15 years Master Kishen:
How your studies going on?
I am at the 10th standard and I have Higher English, Kannada and Hindi plus the usual Mathematics, Science and Social studies. I have just finished the preparatory for my 10th standard.
You are more in to studies nowadays?
That is for sure. I have to get very good results in 10th standard.
What about graphics and animation?
I am learning the animation work on my own and continuing it. My intention is to make a 3D animation fantasy film.
Is this not a challenging one Kishan?
It is challenging and tough the story board has to be done in the usual case of animation. But I am planning one on the Harry Potter style where the humans will be there with fantasy and it will be a 3D treat to watch.
How you are planning the 3D Animation film?
I am planning this fantasy 3D Animation in English, Chinese and Hindi. China has the 6000 plus 3D theatres the highest. In India we have about 600 3D theatres.
How the audience at home can watch this 3D animation film?
There is a technology for that. Anaglyph system provides this system for home viewers. The 3D television set is very expensive for the Indian conditions. The DVD made of the 3D animation supplies the required glasses for it. At home the same effect is possible from the high end regular television sets.
You have to acquire more knowledge and be very attentive for it?
I have planned not to take Pre University after 10th standard. I have almost finished the two years course related to animation and graphics. I am planning to take up degree in 3D animation straight away.
After 10th standard, graduation is your ambition, how is it possible?
It is possible from private institutions. I am already in touch. It gives me proficiency and learning will be more besides doing graduation.
You parents have given consent for this decision?
My parents are advising me to take side by side the regular courses by correspondence so that one day an IAS or IPS positions might interest me as I grow. I am finding that proposition very nice.
Working with three heroines in ‘Teenage…. Anyone proposed, you look very sweet now

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