Posted date: 3/October/2009

The master of theatre Hirannaiah is back once again for silver screen. A veteran of over 60 years theatre experience with a lashing tongue says he is keen to work with another top stage actor who is known in Hindi cinema – Nana Patekar. If I don’t have scenes with him in ‘Yaksha’ I will ask the director to keep a few Master Hirannaiah expressed his intentions.

‘I am not to acting in big screen for economic gains’. Sitting at home my wife asks me to cook. Physically I am not precise to act. I have told my limitations to the director of ‘Yaksha’ explained the master. I am working for opportunity to work with Nana Patekar but definitely not working free – ‘Pugsatte Beedi Sedidre Hoge Baralla’ he joked.

The master strokes are coming one by one – Master Hirannaiah is simultaneously writing three books taking only four hours of sleep. One is ‘Drama Diary’ his experience from last 50 plus years’ second one is his autobiography and the third one ‘Mahaniyarondhige Master’. One of the three will be out in December this year.

On his straight remark on improvement of the Kannada cinema industry he said ‘Elliyavaregu Arpnana Manobhava, Kruthagnatha Manobhava Irodillavo’ progress is not possible. Know how to keep audience happy. How to please him is very important than pleasing those who are living left and right he stated.

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