Posted date: 28/November/2010

The Kannada film media had a very jovial and pleasure filled afternoon at Sapota Garden in Bangalore Palace – Reason MAMMOOTY – the magnificent actor of this country. His merry mood and exchanging pleasures with everyone on the sets reminded us Dr Vishnuvardhana.

Dr Vishnuvardhana also was coming so close to the media persons after the formal address and his approach to everyone on the sets was so similar in Malayalam actor Mammooty in his first Kannada film ‘Shikari’ that is also made in Malayalam.

Mammooty took the camera of Editor, R Manohar adjusted the frame and kept the timing placed it in one place and invited for a photographs is unforgettable moment. For a moment R Manohar collected lot of emotions as Dr Vishnuvardhana struck to his memory. The same application of mind, approach and affection was what we had seen in Dr Vishnuvardhana opinion came up from other journalists too. There was a snake charmer Mammooty placed his hand on his head for a canteen boy he fed from the plate.

With such emotional and close to heart moments with Mammooty let us get back to the job.

‘Shikari’ the first bilingual in Kannada and Malayalam of one of the greats of the country Mammooty was in the Sapota garden to store an action scene in the stunt direction of Anal Urs.

Actor par excellence Mammooty explained the intensive role he is doing that is also a period cinema. He play a software guy and going deep into the novel he reads and be a part of the characters later going on searching such characters is very interesting tale disclosed Mammooty.

According to award winning director for ‘Gubbachchigalu’ for the present problems the history has the answer. Daihika Dasya is something and now we have become ‘Tantragnana Dasa’ stated Abhay Simha who is doing the film on the lines of ‘Rang De Basanthi’.

Simha has shot for 47 days in which 27 days he shot in Thirthahalli. In this bilingual Poonam Bajpa (sister in Kannada film ‘Thangigaagi’) is the female lead. Malayalam actor Innocent, Kannada actors Ashwath Ninasam, Mohan, Aditya are also in the cast. The action director of Singam and Naan Mahan Alla was capturing the chilling action scene.

Producer K Manju complimenting Mammooty said he is a perfectionist. Director Abhay Simha and cameraman Vikram Srivatsav are like husband and wife stated Manju.

The climax is scheduled for December 10 ‘Shikari’ is slated for March release.


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