MONSOON RAAGA Brilliance in Simplicity -Rating Rating 4/5 ****
Posted date: 16 Fri, Sep 2022 04:28:23 PM
Shyam Prasad

Vikyath Chitra Production Director: S Ravindranath  Cast: Achyuth Kumar, Dhananjaya, Rachita Ram, Suhasini, Shobhraj, Yasha Shivakumar

Certificate: U/A
Platform: Theatres
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
Stars: 4

Monsoon Raaga is both heartwarming and tragic; a lovable dissection of love`s many avatars, a symphony of human emotions, a canvas of beautiful colours and most importantly, a story well told. A good script has been infused with seasoned actors and the budget to elevate the visual appeal making this film a highly watchable treat. 

The script is almost a fairy tale. Set in a coastal town, its ‘once upon a time’ period has to be discerned from clues like movie posters on the town`s walls and the cost of a banana (10 paise). Such minute details also make the already layered narrative even denser. 

The narrative shuffles between four different love stories which are packed by natural characters that are utterly believable and easily endearing. You are instantly rooting for their cause. Among these four parallel stories, the film manages to convey a plethora of emotions which are not just about romance. 

Caste, class, religion and profession, the four hurdles to love, manifest themselves through the characters. But they never overpower the narrative. They are stated plainly, without melodrama. This makes their impact even more intense. Audience are made to acknowledge them sportingly. 

It is just pure fun to watch the characters run riot with their emotional falls and highs. The performances of the actors in this film are something that will be talked about for a while. Achyuth Kumar’s acting prowess was always known. Here he takes a master class for everyone. The veteran Shobhraj makes a dignified presence. 

Yasha has an attitude to present and she does it with enough aplomb. Dhananjaya and Rachita Ram in unconventional characters for star actors deserve a pat for their commitment. The little boy Nihal steals the show with his unblemished and innocence-personified performance. The dialogue writer has provided all the actors with memorable lines, enhancing the value of the characters. 

Two technicians stand out in this enterprise. One is Anoop Seelin with his outstanding music and SK Rao with his cinematography. Director S Ravindranath has upped the scale and elevated a good story several notches. 

Good stories need not be about great men. It can be and mostly are, about ordinary and simple people. It needs a writer with empathy to identify such stories. Monsoon Raaga is one such storyteller’s success. Any amount of budget or technical brilliance cannot mask the absence of a good tale. This film is good because the story is great. 
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