MRP Full of comedy Rating 3.5/5 ****
Posted date: 15 Sat, Oct 2022 01:56:57 PM

Movie: MRP (Kannada)

Director: Bahubali

Cast: Hari, Chaitra Reddy, Sudha Belawadi, Vijay Chendur, Bala Rajwadi, Prakash Tuminad.

Duration: 112 minutes

Rating: 3.5 out of five


This is the movie produced by well-known cinematographer K Krishna Kumar, director Sridhar MD, production manager Rangaswamy, and Mohan Kumar N G. This movie narrates the struggles of an obese.

It begins with Sheelavantha (Hari) sleeping after having a sumptuous dinner. He has to struggle a lot to wake up on time and complete his morning ablutions. He eats more idlis with sambar and chutney at a hotel and rushes to office only to unload whatever is in his stomach at the restroom thus causing inconvenience to his colleagues as well as workers engaged to clean the restrooms.


Meanwhile, the audiences are told how Sheelavantha’s patents took him to an irresponsible doctor during his childhood and how a wrong medicine made him fat. His parents insist him to marry but he refuses as he was rejected by more than 100 girls. Later, Indira agrees to marry him. He repeatedly asks her whether she really likes him. She says that she is not bothered about his obese but liked his qualities. Finally what happens to them and how they solve problems is the climax.


Hari, as an hapless fat person, has acted well. His stunt scenes and dancing skills make the audience giggle for a while. Vijay Chendur tries to imitate Komal and Rajinikanth.

It is worth watching by family audiences.

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