Posted date: 05 Thu, Aug 2021 01:42:43 PM
The long pending position of ministry for MLA cum producer of lavish Kannada films Munirathna Naidu has come to him. He represents Raja Rajeshwari Nagara in Bengaluru.

RR Nagar is called as Kubera Moole in Bengaluru, the films of Munirathna Naidu were also in multi crores. The last one Munirathna Kurukshetra 100 days film of Munirathna Naidu starring challenging star Darshan and top heroes in it collected very well in its 100 days run.

The reason why it is a well deserved position of ministry is also because he is the darling of downtrodden. In Corona time he has looked after thousands of hungry mouths. In fact Munirathna Naidu missed the BS Yediyurapa cabinet but in the Basavaraja Bommai cabinet he was given a ministry. What portfolio is given to Munirathna Naidu will be known soon.

Meanwhile BC Patil who held the agriculture ministry in the last cabinet retains his ministry position. Very shortly the portfolio will be allocated to him.

Already actors like Thara Anurada, Shruthi and Suneel Puranika plus journalist cum director Sadashiva Shenoy who is closely connected to Kannada filmdom are in different departments as chairpersons.

Congratulations to first time minister 57 years Munirathna Naidu.

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