Posted date: 15/August/2010

The magical voice of Sonu Nigam the real Sona of film music today has created wonders ever since ‘Mungaru Male’. First time at the audio release of Kannada film ‘Pancharangi’ of Yogaraj Bhat, Mano Murthy and Jayanth Kaikini combination Sonu Nigam was present for the audio release sitting next to power star of Kannada cinema Puneeth Rajakumar and Raghavendra Rajakumar.

Sonu Nigam extremely happy with his position and affection of Kannada audience says ‘Music is Melody, the Mumbai music is loud today and instruments voice has made it like that’. In Kannada and South India as a matter of fact the melody is given prominence he says.

The music should move to semi classical, classical and world music. For a non Kannada singer like me the mistakes in pronouncing the words should be properly told. I am given the Spanish I can’t mouth it. Like wise in Punjabi and Hindi the pronunciation is not same. We say Phena and Pena…..the person who teaches me should get it right from me till I finish it correct he pointed to a question.

My name is uttered as Shonu Nigam in some places. When asked on what he wanted to become if not a singer Scientist came the answer from Sonu Nigam. He has ceased to be religious last 10 years. He is spiritual.

I do not make selection of songs but good ones come to me. Till now for me title track of Mungaru Male….is good and Anisuthidhe… also good. I do not get to hear the songs I sung most of the times he mentioned.

Coming from New Delhi to Mumbai working in televisions and later flourishing in music Sonu Nigam frankly says his days are good from 2006. I say the blessings of almighty and luck is very important in the career.

‘I am the instruments’ – how they use the results are accordingly. As of now I am overwhelmed with the response in Karnataka. I will sing till they say ‘We Miss You’. I do not want to be till they it is enough.

I have worked free for Neene Bari Neene….it is a basic album and I have more in my mind in Kannada disclosed Sonu Nigam.

Is there any purpose of growing long hair? No I want to know how long it can grow. Suddenly he says it is just like that.

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