Mandeep Roy Passed Away
Posted date: 29 Sun, Jan 2023 03:38:47 PM

Manadeep Roy, who has worked in more than 500 movies Including Shankar Nag & Anant Nag duo`s `Minchin Ota`, `Geeta`, `Occident`, He Died of a heart attack. Hailing from Mumbai, Mandeep Roy learned Kannada and acted with greats like Dr Rajkumar, Kamal Haasan etc.

 Last December, Mandeep suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. Since then he was undergoing treatment. Finally, Mandeep left this world without Responding the treatment.

Shankar Nag & Ananth Nag`s `Minchin Ota`, `Gita`,`Accident`, `Gajapati Miscarriage`, `Eḷu suttina Koṭe `,`Akasmika`, `Ayya`, `Hatavadi`, `Agni IPS`, `Preethsod Tappa`Manadeep Roy, who has Acted  in more than 500 movies.

Native from Mumbai, Mandeep Roy did not know Kannada. Manadeep met Shankar when Shankar Nag`s family lived in Mumbai. From there, Mandeep`s interest towards theater grew. Mandeep acted in the movie `Minchin Ota`on Shankar Nag`s insistence. But for Mandeep in Hindi He could have acted only if he had been given a written script. Mandeep learned Kannada when he got bored when some people criticized him saying that Kannada people are not allowed. Actor Shivaram and Shankarnag`s mother helped a lot for this. After that, Mandeep learned Kannada and got an opportunity to act in the movies of big names like Dr. Rajkumar, Kamal Haasan, Amol Palekar.

He had Vouched his Love for Shankar Nag family  Mandeep Roy  had a lot of respect for this family that helped him become an actor in life, acted in the film industry for 4 decades and inspired him to learn Kannada.



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