Posted date: 13/September/2010

‘I have come for Rs.75 salary and grown to the extent of mortgaging my house to Rs.80 lakhs’. I have signed on behalf of big shots of the industry today and paying Rs.6 lakhs as interest for having signed as first party. On my head I have more than Rs.3 crores loan. Doing good taking this shock treatment since a long says Kumar.

This is my 30th year in cinema industry having direct access to 30 theatres and indirect access to 30 theatres and done distribution for more than 50 films. I don’t have single charge on me. I am ready to take on anyone who makes charges. ‘Let them come before the media’ is my suggestion he makes a point.

For entering the 30 years next year I will be completing my 30 films too. I am announcing three films in which one is ‘Bhadra’ starring Prajwal. After ‘Kote’ Prajwal will be my hero. He will have a wonderful change over from my film. I have another film starring Sudeep which will be directed by Indrajith Lankesh.
I admit that I am a remix and remake producer said KCN Kumar who is N Kumar speaking to a few journalists.

The former secretary of the Karnataka film chamber of Commerce has shown a new path in increasing the bank balance of KFCC. When my term was over how to get rental per month as revenue for KFCC and balance of Rs.2 crore was in KFCC account says Kumar.


N Kumar has the old grudge against Basanthkumar Patil. That is related to an old issue of Rs.2 lakhs cheque bounce case in which Kumar faced charges for his financial stress in one of the films. Despite of telling not to present the cheque Basanthkumar Patil presented the cheque and I became a target. The same Basanthkumar Patil when he opted to become KFCC President he invited me to his hotel and asked for support. I have done so and 10 percent of help from my side is there I suppose in Basanth winning KFCC elections as President says Kumar as a backgrounder for the new charges on Patil.

What Basanthkumar Patil is doing today in the last four months. He has not convened one meeting on the problems faced by the producer. He has spent Rs.10 lakhs of KFCC fund to the litigation. The KFCC come to road in Basanth Kumar Patil regime unnecessarily without exercising the hold. Dr Jayamala was 50 percent better than Basanth says Kumar in right perspective.

N Kumar straightforward comment is because of the right direction move of Kannada filmdom. The rules are broken by KFCC President I have examples to quote. One of the films I went and asked for approval letter to telecast in TV he disagreed. How did he give permissions to Umesh Banakar and Ganesh films? When truth is spoken it should be corrected and uniform policy should be adopted.

In my view Basanthkumar Patil is incapable of holding the chair of KFCC says Kumar.


As producer, distributor and exhibitor what work I have done I know it very well. Majestic theatre which I took for lease for two years I have showed the way of less ticket price. In the exhibition area I am taking up Menaka theatre for lease and applying the new ticket price structure of 20, 30 and 40. Similar test I will first make in one of the theatres in Mandya first. This should be attractive as the people I understand are fed up of high ticket price of 70 plus rupees.

Lower the ticket price the higher is the collection and instead of giving rent for vacant seats we get something is what we should understand.

There are five theatres in Karnataka especially Jayasri in Bijapur of Balu Joshi, Sriram in Ramanagara have ticket price that is affordable to the cinema viewers. In Sriram theatre the weekly rent is Rs.43000 and his ticket price is Rs.9, 12 and 17. The maintenance is better than the Santosh theatre in Bangalore. In his delivery of share to the producer he is very prompt. There is no cheating and only Kannada films are screened.

Take for example the case of ‘Gandedhe’. In Santosh theatre from one week with Rs.70 as ticket price the share for the producer is Rs.16000 per day. Look at Opera theatre in Mysore Gandedhe from Rs.40 ticket price fetched Rs.21000 in one day for the producer.

There are three prominent small hotels in Bangalore – they have good quality and reasonable prices for food. They operate for three to four hours – Siddappa Hotel near Pallavi theatre, Idli Dosai stall in Chickpet and another on Majestic area the hotel owners are doing good business than Kannada film producers. Imagine five good items for Rs.16 in the morning break fast. You cannot take more than half the Dosa in Siddappa Hotel so much is the rush and he charges Rs.19 for one Dosa. Super quality and less in price and system of the hotel is much disciplined. Even the MLA who comes to such hotels stands in the queue.

All of them take away Rs.10000 to 15000 as profit per day. They are 10 to 15 crores worth in assets. It is not right to say people are fed up of coming to the theatres says Kumar. In addition to various other difficult factors for audience if the ticket price is so much it is impossible to get them to the theatres he feels.


N Kumar produced ‘Ranga SSLC’ in the direction of Yogaraj Bhat and burnt his fingers is not the grouse he has to talk his anger on him. It is because of the papers he signed at the time of ‘Inthi Ninna Preethiya’ time that has put him in bad situation.

Yogaraj Bhat has the guts I invite him sit before the media and I will answer what costly mistake he has done. When he makes the film it has to be completed in Rs.1.25 crores but why not for the other producers the same application of mind is not made asks N Kumar in angry mind.

For ‘Pancharangi’ I know what he has invested. Why he has not roped Rathnavelu for this film, why not Ganesh as hero……Kumar lists the clever advantages what Bhat thought for his film.

I am not against to any talent. Yogaraj Bhat is talented person from our film land. His film ‘Pancharangi’ easily makes Rs.5 crores profit I admire that but what flaws Bhat has done in the past he has to correct advices N Kumar.

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