Posted date: 24/September/2009

So apt to the travel film ‘Crazy Kutumba’ (travel 600 kilometers from Belgaum to Bangalore) the yesteryears song Nade Mundhe Nade Mundhe Nuggi Nade Mundhe….of ‘Margadarshi’ Kannada film (sung by Dr PB Srinivos music scored by M Ranga Rao, a 1969 Kannada film starring Dr.Rajakumr, Balakrishna and Chandrakala in the direction of MR Vittal) is used again in this film in a new fashion for perhaps the struggling occasion.

Nade Mundhe Nademundhe….the poem written by Rashtrakavi Kuvempu was used for ‘Margadarshi’ Kannada cinema is retuned by music director Rickey Kej. Another popular song sung and already popularized by MD Pallvi Amma Nannu Benne Kaddhe…is also used for this film. There will be two versions to it. MD Pallavi and Shreya Goshal are singing for two different occasions.

Yet another beautiful song of Mallige Kavi KS Narasimha Swamy Hendathiyobbalu Maneyolagidare….is once retuned for this film. This song is very close to heart in the light music singers. There will be one more song of Dr HS Venkateshamurthy that is featured on baby Dhanya. Yet another the fourth in the film is penned by Jayanth Kaikini on the affluence.

Rickey Kej got rave reviews for the song Baa Maleya Baa (written by BR Lakshman Rao)….in ‘Accident’ Kannada film that was sung by Sonu Nigam. The same song was popularized by eminent singers Mysore Ananthaswamy and C.Ashwath prior to Sonu Nigam song.

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