Posted date: 29/March/2009

The major slump in the market and huge losses of previous year films the real estate going down has cast a dark shadow on the Kannada film industry.

For the Ugadi the commencement of New Year and the beginning of ‘Virodhi Nama Samvasthara’ hardly a very few films announcement has surfaced.

The top announcement is about ‘1 father is more than a 100 school masters’ starring Shivarajakumar a film by M.Manjunath, Kote Prabhakar and Digital Srinath in the direction of Ravi Srivatsa who made ‘Ganda Hendathi…..and a Boy fried, Yee Rajiv Gandhi Alla, Madesha films. A baby boy of five to seven years age is needed to act with Shivarajakumar.

Sudeep is direction another film besides acting. That is ‘Dhandam Dashagunam’ for producer R.Shanker of Sri Chowdeshari Prasanna Movies.

Vijay as ‘Kari Chirathe’ by Mohankumar and Krishnaiah is in the direction of Madesh K in the banner of Mohan Productions.

Krishnaiah is producing another film starring Yogish in the direction of Madesh that is ‘Preethse Preethse’ (the song line from ‘Preethse’ Kannada film).

‘Hori’…Gurayisdre Gumthade…. By Linge Gowdru in the music direction of Renukumar, cameraman MR Seenu is coming out in the hat trick director Nagendra Magadi direction. Gowri Munjal is the heroine of this film starring Vinod Prabhakar in the male lead.

Rashmi starring ‘Arundhathi’ is said to be a remake of Telugu super hit ‘Aarundhathi’. For Celluloids films BR Keshava is the director in which Rashmi is in different kind of role.

Introducing Ravi in production No 6 produced by Sachin and Nithin has commended song recording in Royal Cine Productions. Naveen is the director.

‘Manasa Sarovara’ Sweet Memories by Shalini Productions is the concept derived by Sharan Kabbur who is also director of the film. Poornima Ravikumar and Veena Narayan are the producers. Ashok Kumar who played a striking role in ‘Taj Mahal’ is the hero with Nanditha (Shwetha) as the heroine.

‘Olave Vismaya’ by M Lingaraju of Chikkanahalli in the story, screenplay and direction of T.N.Nagesha starring Dharma Keerthiraj son of villain of Kannada cinema Keerthiraj who gave a striking performance in ‘Navagraha’ announcement has come.

‘Antharathma’ by Friends Productions by Shanker Balakrishna as director Sundarnath Suvarana is the cameraman and Giridhar Diwan scores the music to mesmerize the audience.

‘Olave Mandhara; with Sriki in by producer Govindaraju in the direction of Jayathirtha has music from Deva is Alliance Pictures new entry to cinema field.

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