Posted date: 27/April/2009

Yet another tall and good looking heroine has made foray in to cinema field from the land of Rasagullas. That is Anglo Indian origin NICOLETTE BIRD from Calcutta. She made her debut in ‘Rock On’ Hindi cinema and now having a rocking time in her career. Bird never wanted to act in cinema but it came as a boon for her. Bird is the surname says this full of beans and bony heroine. She is also in to two other Hindi films ‘Striker’ and ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’.

She is the heroine of ‘Hodi Magaa’ Kannada film plays the love interest of the hero and a school teacher in the film ‘Hodi Magaa’ that is hitting the screen shortly all over Karnataka. The role in ‘Hodi Magaa’ made me very talkative and normally I am quiet person says Bird.

An English Honors graduate Nicolette Bird is not only a bird watcher but a staunch animal lover. She has taken up veterinary course to main a huge battalion of animals in her house. She has cats, dogs, birds rabbits etc. Her wish in life is to give care for an Elephant. One fine day you can call me Dr.Bird laughs this tall and lanky beauty.

Nicolette Bird is also in to audio world. She has participated in six videos and Dil Me Aaja Re…is very famous. Her stint in ad world is also superb. She is in the third year contract of Garnier face cream. She is also a good athlete and learnt acrobatics.

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