Posted date: 29/September/2010

What is this ‘Gejje Pooje’ a cute and bubbly Anusha asked his parents recently. The parents could not give satisfactory reply because the tale has to be narrated. After puberty the girl is dedicated to Goddess and later they will be sexually exploited by the rich class.

Suddenly the apprehension of daughter asking why it should be done and why such television serial should come up in small screen even bothered the parents!

Yet a learned professor Dr Vasu of Bangalore University instead asking the television channel Zee Kannada not to go ahead with such television serial ‘Gejje Pooje’ comes to the media briefing and gives lengthy lecture on the ill of the society ‘Devadasi’ system.

‘Gejje Pooje’ the 1970 Kannada film of doyen of Kannada cinema director SR Puttanna Kanagal when it was made the Devadasi system was prevalent rampantly. But in the 2010 the context has changed. There is a rule like what is applicable to Dowry.

Still why such things have to be glorified in the responsible television media? The bosses have no answer because the TRP would pile up. Our young brains are disturbed the channel bosses are not bothered.

Now ‘Gejje Pooje’ is hitting the small screen in ZEE Kannada on 4th with Monday to Friday ‘Pooje’ at 8 to 8.30 pm.

In the television serial ‘Gejje Pooje’ the mother wants her young daughter to leave to God, father is saying Bhagyadha Lakshmi Baramma…looking at his daughter from such act and the rebel is the elder sister whose life got spoiled from this ‘Gejje Pooje’ culture.

God save our kids! Vinu Balanja is seeking support for making this kind of television serial…Preethi on kids Illadha Mele…what anyone can do. What is interesting he has just finished ‘Jogula’ 500 episodes in Zee Kannada and the kid getting up from ‘Jogula’ would straight away ask the above question is the dastardly of this television medium.

Kalpana, Manjula, Yamuna and Nagu are from one family. Hariprasad, Dharmaiah, Chitra, Rukmini, Guprasad are the important characters in ‘Gejje Pooje’.

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