Posted date: 7/December/2010

Some facts open up late. Better late than never! Facts and truths should not go under the soil. This one is related to the ‘Gowda Vs Reddy’ title that later became ‘Rame Gowda and Krishna Reddy’. The usage of fonts became an issue and now everything has been worked out cool and clear.

It is Rame Gowda VS Krishna Reddy clash on the tit for tat policy. Subbanna played by Ananthnag gets some relief for his lost site.

Just one week before the release of the film the audio of the film was brought out by Lahari Recording Company. In his address Lahari Velu agreed that there are no buyers to poor quality songs. Veluji pointed on the revenue from ring tones not reaching the right people.

Waseem son of producer Nargis Babu stated frankly the subject was first made based on politics but it had to be changed for controversy. The entire film is comedy flick – rangayana Raghu, Ananthnag and Shashikumar are three heroes he stated. Roopesh is the young hero who bails out his father joining hands with Shashikumar from virtual loss of a site.

However Part II of Gowda vs Reddy is launching after some time informed Waseem. Khammar explained on the problem faced by the film at film chamber and he is now content for his 25 days shot film. He is releasing the film in 60 plus theatres.

KV Nageshkumar the biggest financier after releasing the audio album hoped that he gets back his money and more money for the producer too.

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