Posted date: 22/January/2009

Very recently the Kannada films ‘3ne Class Manja B.Com Bhagya’ and ‘Circus’ picked the yesteryears tune of Dr.Rajakumar film ‘Nee Nanna Gellalare’ Jeeva Hoovagidhe….they have used it according to their whims and fancies.

Now the song of Rashtra Kavi Kuvempu Baa Chakori Chandramake… in the news.

In ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ director Guruprasad has used the song Baa Chakori Chandramanchake…..of Kuvempu that is sung by Rajesh Krishnan very melodiously. Now in ‘Rasaririshi Kuvempu’ a film by debutant director Rithwik Simha in which his father C.R.Simha plays the Kuvempu role after 45 years of age is using the song of national poet Baa Chakori Chandramanchake….in a romantic dance format. This is a Shringara Geetha sung by Vijayaprakash and on screen the Kathak style narration is given to this song.

Eminent Nirupama Rajasri is composing the song in the Kathak style will be a treat to watch says C.R.Simha.

It is in this film ‘Rasarishi Kuvempu’ the famous Prabhat Kalavidaru troupe is coming out with choreography of the song Kindarajogi. This particular song with number of children in the guidance of actress, danseuse Hema Panchamukhi was shot at Abbainaidu Studio.

The notable element of this Kindarajogi song is that a few portions of the content is narrated by superstar Upendra. The voice over of Upendra has been already recorded says producer of the film Aravind.


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