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Orchestra is the life for many singers and musicians. At the festival seasons it is a feast for such artists who are unsung. Now a team has come forward with ‘Orchestra’ Mysuru as title. The film trailer has given a huge response and encouragement for the team.

Among many high points of the film, actor cum producer Dolly Dhananjay wrote eight songs and ace composer and singer Raghu Dixit took initiative.

Sometime back a band of musicians in Mysuru near the market popularized the song ‘Baarisu Kannada Dindimava….and the same team is producing the film.

Director of the film Sunil remembered Mysuru Nethranna, Krupakar Senani and said it is a friend`s team working for this film. From college days my senior is Dolly Dhananjay and like how Gandhinagar is famous for films in Bengaluru, for Orchestra Mysuru is very popular. We have gone to the nook and corner to study on this subject. This is a reality content based film. The aspirations of the Orchestra band is the crux of the film. Poorna is the hero, Rajalakshmi is the female lead, Dilip Raj, Nagabhushan, Mahesh and others are in the cast.

Joseph handles cinematography, KRG Studios and Dolly Pictures is presenting this film on silver screen.

Actor Dilip Raj, very busy in his production house, says he is also from theater background and waiting for Orchestra to release. I have a good role too in this film he adds.

Actor of OTT films and web series Nagabhushan also hails from Mysuru. He remembered director Sunil sending the script via pen drive. The office of Nethranna is our office. I have immensely liked the two lines of Dolly Dhananjay stated Nagabhushan.

I am considered as one of the producers of this film, mentioned composer Raghu Dixit.

Dolly Dhananjay remembering the college days plays and the whistle obviously made us proud he said. When I came to cinema acting I got to know the realities. I got people`s acceptance later on. My friends have been with me from the first day of my career. I will be with them always and KRG Studio is with us, stated Dolly in his address.

I do not release the film in a hurry. From Ganesha festival to Kannada Rajyotsava day it is covered and very good in content pointed out by Karthik Gowda of KRG studios. 

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