Posted date: 12 Tue, Jul 2022 � 10:09:13 PM

Producer and lead actor Vikram Arya has come up with a very meaningful subject in this female oriented ‘Padmavathi’.

Vikram Arya in childhood, youth and middle age groups flow in this film and so is the lead actress Meghana Ram. It is a Rao and Rao cinema produced by Damodar Rao, Namadev Bhattar. Mithun Chandrasekhar penned the story, screenplay and directed this film.

Vikram Arya appreciated the director Mithun for having good contents in the film. The life journey of a woman is explained with a variety of variations. The motherhood family besides the search for a woman is in this pack. This is the one that is going to give a good feel. There are good songs too and the mother song is very special in this commercial package. We have picked the right locations, says Vikram Arya.

Meghana Ram in fact got the lifetime role in the title role. It is very rare we find woman oriented content. I have three shades in this film she says.

Director with good thoughts Mithun Chandrasekhar says this is not just a woman oriented film but commercial too. We have got good theaters, he says. He explained the contents of the film that explained his caliber.

Mysuru Ramanand is in the Mangalamukhi role. Damodar Parage, Kavitha Priya, Raghavakumar, Suresh Swami Rao, Abhilash, Sharanagikeri, Shivamogga Ramanna, Rajeshwari Pande, Archana Shetty and others are in the cast.

Shoyab Ahmed is cinematographer, Dinesh Kumar is music composer of very good songs, Ishwar K is editor, Thriller Manju handled stunts, Tribhuvan is dance director and the film story is penned by Latha S. Sharan Kumar Gajendragad popular for his Anitha O Anitha…song in Ek Love Ya, penned lyrics for this film and he is very happy about the mother song in the film.

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