Posted date: 5/August/2008

Highly talkative with sense and richly talented actress Parvathi Menon after ‘Milana’ opposite Puneeth Rajakumar is working again in Kannada. She has rejected seven offers and all of them came to explain the story over telephone. This is what I do not like. It is a great injustice to cinema art says the bubbly actress Parvathi who is right now working in ‘Poo’ Tamil film.

Studying BA Literature intending to do Master degree Parvathi Menon would like to take up ‘Film Studies’ in Toronto. After knowing director of her latest flick ‘Male Barali Manjoo Irali’ Vijayalakshmi Singh from cameraman Ajay Vincent she came down to hear the story of ‘MBMI’. After knowing the story Parvathi went back and returned after one week. She was ready with the 15 pages report on her imagination of the character of ‘Sneha’ in MBMI. Parvathi plays the 22 years young character but what is before for such a character she has worked out really impressed Vijayalakshmi Singh. The involvement shown by Parvathi moved the director Vijayalkshmi Singh and after going through the contents she has added some more elements to the cinema.

Parvathi is very confident and firm on what she wants in cinema. Anything that keeps in the minds of audience I would like to take up she says. In the coming days I may become a costume designer or director. Every area of film making is important says Parvathi.

‘I am going to dub the Kannada language’. I am interested in knowing the language very well. I am taking training and changed the TV connection in my home. I am seeing Kannada channels regularly to know more about the language says Parvathi. She is even interested in traveling in the buses in Bangalore so that how her age people behave. In her home town she goes in a cycle and travel alone by walk to get to know about reality in life.

I do not go looking for stardom in life. Stars blink and disappear. I want to be a real actor in life says Parvathi speaking in speedy style.

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