Posted date: 10/February/2009

Raju Patil debut as producer and actor with six action scenes and some hard hitting dialogues in ‘Tsunami’ has gobbled his 10 acres of agricultural land in Belgaum district (Hugar village) and two expensive flats to fetch Rs.1.5 crore for ‘Tsunami’ Kannada cinema. He has raised Rs.10 lakh loans from a few of his friends who are economically sound in sugar factories yet he requires 40 plus lakhs for the release of ‘Tsunami’.

In addition to such sacrifices Raju Patil a Diploma in Civil Engineering is running from pillar to post for the censor certificate.

When he showed the film ‘Tsunami’ to Bangalore regional censor board, it gave him four cuts and ‘A’ certificate. Not happy with it Raju Patil approached the Revising Committee of Censor Board where it suggested 14 cuts and again gave ‘U/A’ certificate. Not happy once again Raju Patil approached the Delhi Tribunal. In the next week he will be getting clearance from the Tribunal but running around is a hectic job he feels. Down with a severe blow to his stomach for six months in an action scene Raju Patil is now contemplating on not to make Kannada films in future. He has plans to produce Hindi films in a meager budget of Rs.2 crores. He is already on the move to Bollywood.

What is that so objectionable in ‘Tsuname’? Patil says he has not shown blood in six action scenes but has powerful dialogues against Pakistan country.

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