Posted date: 12/February/2009

Veteran Actor Rajesh – Kala Thapaswi Rajesh – Beluvaladha Madilalli Rajesh was in firing mood at Samsa Bayalu Ranga Mandira on Wednesday evening at the book release of Sundara Prakashana.

He asked the people to teach lesson to poor quality culture less Kannada films. He went up further to say ‘pelt stone at bad Kannada films’ – the present day films are not our culture – ‘Nachike Agallava Yee films produce madakke’? The Baayi Chapparisuva Saaru that is of olden days 40’s to 90’s is over. Now it is only ‘Charata’ (the contents collected below the ‘Saaru’).

Hale Patre Hale Kabbina….ah what a song and sahitya? Why do you see today cinema. Don’t see Rajesh directly recommended to the people. Boycott today films.

The yesteryear contributors to Kannada cinema are ‘Punyathmaru’. They are not with us today to see the state of affairs of today.

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