PENKI ELLI Very good movie- 3.5/5 ****
Posted date: 03 Sat, Jun 2023 12:53:20 PM

Movie: Pinki Elli (Kannada)

Director: Prithvi Konanur

Cast: Akshatha Pandavapura, Anoop Shoonya, Deepak Subramanya, Gunjalamma

Duration:  107 minutes

Certification: U

Rating: Three and half out of five

The movie Pinki Elli begins with Bindudhree alias Bindu (Akshatha Pandavapura) readying for work while her daughter Pankaja crying. Bindu is on the verge of getting divorce from her husband Manjunath (Deepak Subramanya). She lives with her partner Girish (Anoop Shoonya). Sannamma (Gunjalamma) works as a maid for Bindu to look after Pinky. Later, the audiences see Sannamma feeding Pinky with milk mixed with liquor and handing it to Anasuya, a beggar from North Karnataka.

Bindu returns home and is shocked to see Sannamma and Pinky are missing from home. Bindu lodges a complaint with police.

Akshatha Pandavapura has acted well. Her dialogue delivery and body language are very good. She walks away with all honours for her sterling performance in most of the scenes, especially in police station scene and child welfare committee meeting scene. Gunjalamma, a migrant worker from North Karnataka, has acted well. Deepak Subramanya and Anoop Shoonya provide good support.

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