Posted date: 13/October/2009

“I will not accept a film like ‘Huchchi’ in my career”. Make careful selection. I repent for doing the film ‘Huchchi’. Director said something and he made something else. I have repeatedly questioned the director on the spot but he did not care to answer. For the release of the film ‘Huchchi’ I came to know only a day before from the advertisements in the newspapers charged Pooja Gandhi. When I contacted Panchanga several times the phone was switched off.

When you make such allegations there are people to comment on the type of costumes you are wearing today was the question shot back at Pooja Gandhi. Immediately her mother Jyothi Gandhi came to the rescue and sat next to her to talk to the media persons.

This is the tube costume and if it is not in good taste I will not wear such costumes Pooja Gandhi replied to the group of journalists at Green House. But her mother wanted to share many things with the media persons for that Pooja Gandhi was not allowing. The media asked Pooja Gandhi to leave her mother free for that Pooja obliged.

However we give you glimpse of what mother and daughter has said on Monday morning. Firstly mother Jyothi Gandhi.

We have come from Delhi with businesses in Mumbai. There is no need for earning money alone. We feel comfortable in the Kannada cinema industry. The people are good, climate is good and culture is also good.

For the comfort and feel good factor we are here.

Another daughter Radhika Gandhi is also in cinema because the atmosphere is good here.

Mere beti ne kabhi galthi nahin Ki! Ek baar a director ne usko chup rehne ke liye bol dhiya. Pooja Gandhi kept quiet.

I wanted to become an actress in my life but I could not. I am seeing my wish in my daughters.

Sometimes we have not got payment yet we did not disturb anyone. Three producers owe money to us.


I have stopped signing films. I have a few releases and few films on floor. That is because I should get to know what exactly I am doing and about the film completely.

One ‘Huchchi’ disturbed me. It is so poorly made and director said he would add some more and make it good but he did not do it. The smoking scene was not my liking. I really did not take the smoke inside. Here afterwards I would not take up such roles.

I have stopped signing other language films. That is because I want to stay in Kannada filmdom. This is safe and comfortable language film.

I have shown relaxation in my payment. When I immensely like the subject I keep aside the monetary aspect.

I agree that this ‘Huchchi’ is not the one people expected.

I am keeping high hopes on ‘Ninagagi Kadhiruve’. The role is very good and film has also come out.

I do not have any qualms and my cheque that bounced for ‘Ninagagi Kadiruve’ has been cleared.


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