Posted date: 22/September/2008

Actor, director and once the famous dubbing artist Srinivasaprabhu with many feats to his credit makes a caustic attack on the system in Kannada cinema industry for not recognizing the right talent. He is one such talent with lot of subjects ready to take up direction but he does not know how to catch the producer to direct a film. Whether the talent should run to money or money should run to where the talent is the dilemma of Prabhu.

The mystery subjects are very rare in Kannada and I have a few that can realize my dreams and keep the coffers of the producer happy he says with a bright smile and confidence. When I have not asked the roles in my life throughout how can I ask a producer that I am going to direct? Very rarely seen on silver screen Srinivasaprabhu is currently acting in Josh, Auto and ‘…,’ and signed a film for director Shivaprakash’s ‘Chandira Chandira’. He has the script ready to direct and act for a thriller television serial to Zee TV Kannada waiting for the clearance.

Theatre actor, director, film actor, television serial ‘badshah’ Srinivasa Prabhu has stopped dubbing in his life after the controversy over payment created for V.Ravichandran film in the past.

Secure and self content in life from two decades stint in many fields Srinivasa Prabhu is looking at the future of his daughter Radhika ‘Arangetram’ who is also specialist in painting. He has a son Anirudh studying in 9th standard and avid music lover wife is coming out with her second audio album shortly.

Basically a home bird Srinivasaprabhu has made many middle class audiences stick to their television sets as his eight out of nine television serials in this appeared from morning to evening. Prabhu beats the seven serial a day Lamboo Nagesh. He had once Muktha, Kutumba, Maneyondhu Mooru Bagilu, Gupthagamini, Kadambari, Geethanjali, Thakadhimi Thaa and Punyakoti in a day. In all the television serials in various channels Srinivasa Prabhu maintained the difference either from his costumes or roles. ‘I have never made the audiences to think Oh this man has come again in television sets’. Busy in television had made me to reject nearly 25 Kannada films says Prabhu. Very busy in the television serial Srinivasaprabhu who has a flourished as dubbing artist had to keep quiet when his role in ‘Geethanjali’ was dubbed by someone.

Back in home Srinivasaprabhu says 24 hours is not enough for him. He is staunch music lover and learning music even to this day. He does good gardening of his Basaveshwaranagara residence and takes care of every house in the job.

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