Posted date: 22 Mon, Nov 2021 08:17:44 AM
The days of wrong calculations, appeasing someone for gains and pleading have gone. It is the time for practical thinking and this seems to be the policy of noted producer Pushkar Mallikarjunaiah. It has to be so because of two years of Corona loss suffered by every segment of the entertainment business industry.

Producer, co producer and distributor of films like ‘Godibanna Sadarana Maikattu,  Kirik Party, Huliraya, Humble Politician Nogaraj, Mercury, Katheyondu Shuruvagide, Jeerjimbe, Avane Sriman Narayana, Bhimasena Nalamaharaja, Thinkalazachi Nischayam a Malayalam film and now Rs.20 crores ‘Avathara Purusha’ I and II Pushkar Mallikarjunaiah is a very practical thinker and his approach to cinema is delectable.

Speaking to media at the publicity campaign for ‘Avatara Purusha’ part I at Zian Hotel on Sunday evening Pushkar Mallikarjunaiah says the days of films running for 100 days have gone away. It is enough that the film runs for four weekly very well, he says. I am ready with the second part of Avathara Purusha and only two songs planned abroad have to be finished.

Releasing ‘Avathara Purusha’ first part on December 10, I have already decided to release the second part after 100 days of release of part one, he says with a smile and confidence.

Apparently, Suni and Pushkar Mallikarjun discussed 50 subjects and decided not to go ahead. However, Pushkar Mallikarjun stated to Suni to come with a subject after all discussions and he would be ready to do so. Simple Suni narrated the subject he had done for a web series.

The web series subject of Simple Suni discussed making it as two parts and that is how ‘Avatara Purusha’ evolved.

On Sunday evening, an interesting trailer of the film screened for the media and the team was up in joy for the wonderful making of a wonderful subject. 
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