Posted date: 16/September/2010

Looking at age old performance of my husband five years ago I was impressed. I asked someone who is this old guy! But during the AM Rathnam film I was told Prakash Raj is coming and I asked who is this Prakash Raj - It was five years ago. Now I am a partner in his life says Pony Verma recollecting the past days.

Pony Verma for the first time spoke to Bangalore media persons at The Bell Hotel and her immense love for Prakash Raj was evident throughout her talk.

It was after taking liking to acting of an aged get up I was to choreograph a dance for him. Everyone was telling PrakashRaj is coming and I asked who the Prakash Raj five years ago. On the first face to face meet I realized that he is very intelligent, shrewd, and energetic and can take on any challenges in life. His attitude towards the technicians is great that I came to know after the shooting of a song.

We exchanged the number and jelled well. Soon became lovers and marriage proposal also came up. Now the task for him was to convince my family members. When he came to our house he picked the rice spread all over the floor and showed how simple he is. It was not difficult to get approval for marriage from our family for him.

I was stunned in Mumbai in one of the meetings Salik Khan Sab father of Salman Khan holding my hand spoke high about Prakash raj performance in ‘Wanted’ Hindi film.

I know him very well from past five years I know the family members of Prakash Raj very well. We make a good living says Pony Verma.

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