Posted date: 1/October/2009

Ever since the demise of Dr.Rajakumar on April 12, 2006 the question asked is who will get the share of audience of his films in the Kannada cinema industry? According to sources available they point to PUNEETH RAJAKUMAR, the third son of icon of Kannada cinema Dadasaheb Phalke award winner Dr.Rajakumar. The wrong picking of roles by Shivarajakumar has snatched the chances sources say. Yet Shivarajakumar is a tremendous performer looks like Dr.Rajakumar in some angles and shots of his movies is a major compliment for the hat trick hero Shivarajakumar. The legacy is continued by Puneeth Rajakumar in the economic and social relevance sector of his commercial films is acceptable observation.


This arrival has become obvious and one goes through the box office and gathering of audience to the theatres – the power star is the generator of good strength and his films are undoubtedly ringing the cash registers.

Starting off in 2002 with ‘Appu, Abhi, Akash, Arasu, Milana, Ajay, Bindhaas, Mourya, Vamshi – all are 100 days plus films and it earned very big profits. The films like ‘Namma Basava’ and ‘Veera Kannadiga’ were not at loss for the producers.

Now look at the business made by Seethabhaireshwara Combines for ‘Raj The Showman’. According to industry sources the Rs.8 crores investment made film has earned Rs.12.50 crores for the producers Suresh Gowdru and Srinivasamurthy. The film would surely make profits as it has already collected 8 crores for last 7 weeks. Rs.4 crores in that come from Bangalore Kolar and Tumkur in four weeks. Had the effort of director Prem would have been still stronger it would have earned Rs.10 crore by this time says the industry sources. The name and fame of director Prem had easily given Rs.2 crores extra for the producers.

With Puneeth Rajakumar remuneration fixed almost at Rs.2 crore plus from ‘Prithvi’ the economic bosses would agree he is the pinch hitter in the books of accounts as the ‘Raj The Showman’ has shown the results. According to another source the bank loans for Puneeth Rajakumar films is very easy as the stature and standing of him in the box office is so strong like a pillar. This is not enjoyed by any stars of Kannada cinema.

It is true as on today on the muhuruth day of Power star Puneeth Rajakumar films the film makes a business of Rs.10 crores easily. Dr Rajakumar before the release of ‘Appu’ told with pride to his closets ‘Nodtha Iri Nam Appu…Hege Belithane Antha… Rajakumara Vaani has also turned true.

Coming to grabbing the audience that his father had created the analysis clearly says Puneeth Rajakumar films never crossed the limits and according to the time changes made never bothered the audience with uncomfortable scenes. That is the tradition that Puneeth Rajakumar is carrying out and it sure to be the core point of his forthcoming films.

Look at the time sense, quality appraisal and technical advancement of Puneeth Rajakumar films – all his films grew by stages. One thing he has imbibed from his father is not only eating sumptuously. The ability to perform, humble nature and doing well always is difficult to imbibe Puneeth Rajakumar agrees but he follows them immensely. Dr Rajakumar has given 10 silver jubilee films in a series out of 12 releases in one year. I can’t even come near to him in box office Puneeth said sometime ago. The comparison is not possible at all with my Papa he says. But the records of nearly 10 films point to taking the attention of his father audience.


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