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Duration – 148 minutes, Category – Family emotional thriller, Score – 4.5/5

Title – PURUSHOTTAMA, Producer – Gym Ravi Production, Direction – Amaranath S V, Music – Sridhar Sambhram, Cinematography – M Kumar, Cast – Gym Ravi, Apoorva, Kavitha Narayanaswamy, Ankitha, Sharan Sallada, Kiran Jain, AV Harish, Nivedhita and others.

Gym Ravi Productions has lived up to the expectations after a massive publicity for the film ‘Purushottama’. Director SV Amarnath has clicked in his third film by catering to every family of this universe.

It is not just for the Indian family audience; people across the globe can watch this film. This not just family audience film, the film gives a brilliant lesson to the police and judiciary. How the affected have to take revenge on atrocities done is a point to be noted. The case is closed in all the three cases of culprits besides that the law and police not poking is at last justice done for the masses.

The title of this film is precise and how it is narrated for every disturbed makes it very interesting and justifiable. Of course, three persons spoil Vasuki (Apoorva) and this incident is an extremely dark moment in the life of Vasuki. The husband Purushottama is not at home. This ghastly incident takes place on the terrace.

Vasuki is hell bent on narrating the ghastly incident to her husband Purushottam after he returns with daughter. Now the commotion in the mind of Vasuki disturbs her.

Vasuki wants to take revenge on three culprits and she seeks the DCP lady cop`s support for this particular eradication of the three culprits.

With the extremely uncomfortable mood in his wife Purushottama works out a strategy. That is what you should do in the brilliant second half.

This is a family film and you must watch it and it is not an ordinary ‘Purushottama’.

AV Ravi with international acclaim acting in 130 films in supporting roles has done perfect justice as protagonist of this film. With a muscular build, AV Ravi has not utilized it for action portions. He has used the brilliance of his mind. The costumes for AV Ravi selected by his wife Smt Jyothi Ravi are superb and this makes the actor very intimate to family. Why Ravi did not dub for this film is a question in many minds. He has conquered the masses and he could be given the title ‘Mass Family Darling’.

Apoorva as a homemaker understanding the role has given a pleasant and precise performance. The trauma she has understood very well adds as a value for the film.

The DCP role actor Kavitha Narayanaswamy given a delectable performance, Baby Ankitha is impressive; three troubleshooters AV Harish, Sharan Sallada and Kiran Jain quite OK.

Sridhar Sambhram`s music is melodious and already two of his songs are very popular. M Kumar as cinematographer has set his angels beautifully to capture the moments of the film.

Arjun Kitty as editor could have trimmed twenty minutes in the first half or he could have given fast pace to it.

Go and watch this film unfailingly. 

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