Posted date: 25/June/2007

From an ordinary seat of Manager in a cinema hall to the top ranking leadership of South Indian Film Industry R.Lakshman has come a long way in his chequered career. With his friend K.A.Gopal he launched the film ‘Bangaradha Manusha’ – the film was not only classic but also a remarkable hit which ran in one theatre in Bangalore incessantly for two years. It was notable because in the same Bharat cinema hall R.Lakshman was the manager.

R.Lakshman gets the credit for forming the first ever Kannada film fans association. This was possible because he was close associate of charismatic Kannada writer Aa Na Krishna Rao. The agitation Lakshman joined was against the dubbing culture that later became a movement in the Kannada film history. It is Lakshman who introduced the morning show culture that later became a habit.

He has an enviable reputation as an organizer in the South Indian film industry. Starting from ‘Bangaradha Manushya’ he made ‘Bandha Muktha’ his last film in the mid 80’s.


* Ailing because of urinary problem and pain in the two legs R.Lakshman looked very weak. The bones were visible than flesh in his body. The doctors treated him have told that there is no need of medicine as he has no BP or Sugar complaints.
* I want to see a revolution in the Kannada film chamber of commerce. Good activities should take place in a transparent style.
* The committed producers are required to day. Not the land developers. We cannot expect commitment from them. More than two fingers I can fold when I look at such committed producers in Kannada.
* The success of Mungaru Male is not permanent. It is a new wave cinema of the 60 to 80’s.
* Our people should abide by the stage announcements. Otherwise they should not make such statements. I am referring this to film city in Bangalore.
* Hamsalekha and Ravichandran I salute them for their achievement. But what they say they should do it. I am referring this point to ‘Maha Cinema’.
* Girish Kasaravalli is not the person who can head the Film Academy in Karnataka. He is not a good management personality. It is difficult to name such person.
* On the development front we need stability in the film production. No estate money is required.
* What I give to industry anyone should think. No one is big or small. Then only building the film industry is possible.
* I am not going to blame any sector for delay in the film city coming up. 30 years now nothing has moved. A revolution in chamber should take place.
* There is no streamlining in the film chamber membership. Earlier we used to invite the membership now we have to say go away for members.
* History book should be brought back. It is not too late. Those who opposite Kannada film history book need not be taken. The books printed by the central government will be having lot of mistakes.
* The oldies today in the acting fraternity are alive today because of Television.
* The mega television serials are not pleasing. It is paining.
* The cinema workers and industry has ego problem. That’s all.
* Historical and mythological films should be made instead of asking the generation to know from the text books.
* I opposed to Vishnu Sene title when my son director Naganna came and told me. Because it pinches the parallel wings.
* My son as a director should grow further. He should refine himself and refrain from unwanted works.
* A film title should be mild. It should not be harsh.
* We get so much of benefit from government side – subsidy, entertainment tax exemption, awards etc. This should not become ‘Apathra Dhana’ go to wrong hands. For this a monitoring cell is required. Such works the Academy can do.
* When we have Academy for translations why not for Kannada filmdom!


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