Posted date: 24/September/2008

Confirming the Chitratara.com special report on Dr.Rajakumar song in ‘Vamshi’ has used from the ‘Hoovu Hannu’ song sung by Dr.Rajakumar in the early 90’s the pillar of Dr.Rajakumar banner Raghavendra Rajakumar spoke at length on various topics on Monday evening speaking to media persons at Gold Finch Hotel.
Here are the highlights:

  •  It is director Prakash who wanted the song Thaayi Thayi….of my father in the film Hoovu Hannu. He insisted the song. After hearing the song we thought it would be the appropriate for the climax situatin in ‘Vamsi’. Hamsalekha has tuned that song for Hoovu Hannu and Lahari Recording Company Velu gave the approval to use the song with lot of respect. Moreover we wanted the presence of our father somehow or the other.
  • As for as remuneration for this song we are giving in multiples of what my father had taken to sing. That will be donated to the Trust and to both Shakthidhama. I was wondering how to tell this. But the very correct question you have asked me relieved me of all tensions.
  • The talks are going on for me to come back but in what form to come back is a big question. It is rather easy for Appu and Shivanna and others. Of course I am interested in some more films. The problem is the guiding force. A person above our thoughts is required. When I am come back to films my mother will be the first one to feel happy. What kind of subject would fit in is important.
  • Like how all the three sons in the house have not been groomed to come in to acting I am not forcing my son Vijay Rajakumar to come to acting. He should tell me first. As of now he is going to gym and keeping fit at the second year degree. The younger son is SSLC.
  • For Puneeth Rajakumar every role wants to be different. He just does not want to appear in too many flms. Milana is entire different from Vamshi. I think Vamshi will be his career best film.
  • The subject of Vamshi demanded our involvement and there was no compromise. Mayura director Shobhan, Chaitanya, Mahesh Babu sat with the team. Shobhan wanted to interchange the subject with Prakash. The film got delayed because of Lakshmi's adapted daughter had burn injuries. ‘Vamshi’ is not usual mother-son sentiment. He hates his mother in the film and his temperament is very hot. That exactly what interested everyone. If it reaches at least 50 percent we feel satisfied.
  • His introduction will also be different. Fights are realistic. No superpower. Lord Shiva's character is in his role. Vamshi cinema is a travel and Lakshmi and Puneeth travel us with home.
  • Puneeth was afraid to work opposite Lakshmi the highly talented actress. Lakshmi told, After Dr. Raj, I couldn't stand in front of his eyes. It haunted me too much she said. We don't how to take this compliment. We have done Digital Intermediate for the film. Prakash sat for 10 days to color correction.
  • We have the Voice portal and 70000 emails have already passed creating curiosity via Vamshi orkut community. I have a friend in Oracle who helped us in getting the information on Vamshi passed to various places.
  • In Tamil the stars does various such works in the free time in the lap create and create a huge demand for the film. Through Hi-Fi network the publicity is done for the film Vamshi.
  • Our intention of using our talent has worked out many a time. In the case of Ravi Verma and dance director Imran Sardaria the action and songs are in Bollywood standards. Ravi Verma did the fights. Imran songs. They have studied and worked with lot care. I feel we have better talent compared to other places.
  • • Jimmy Jip camera transportation to Switzerland we have spent Rs.7 lakhs on cargo, freights, Bata for three persons etc. We even left some weights purchased there itself. Each song is different from one other.
  • Trust activities have gone a little behind. I was busy in the film. We have less transplantation but nearly 12000 cataract operations have been conducted from the Trust. The Cataract is among the children too. From the Trust we have given free glasses.
  • It is difficult to take up ‘Mayoora’. It deals with Bhopal gas like tragedy oils fields etc Only two court scenes for Appu in that film. Big budget film too. We have to create a township city.
  • We would stop our home project and give a call sheet to Kanakapura Srinivas. They are waiting for a long. The search for the story is also going on briskly.

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