Posted date: 11/June/2010

The hell bent Odhu Gowder sent shock waves to ‘Thamassu’ release in Hubli and Mysore region has at last given nod for the release of the film tomorrow. Earlier he wanted the film to release two weeks later in the state capital. Even the Kannada film ‘Srimoksha’ that has a wrong a notion no publicity is required is also releasing on Friday.

Mr Odhu Gowder and Mr Rockline Venkatesh had four hours meeting in Hubli today and arrived at amicable solution. With that all the problems related to Hyderabad Karnataka exhibitors would be solved. One of the demands is that Kannada films are not given for release.

Only Bangalore exhibitors are taken note but other areas exhibitors are left careless is the point stressed by Mr Odhu Gowder.

The Karnataka state exhibitors Mahamandala has given time till July for Apex Body KFCC to solve the issue.

It is learnt that the next month meeting of KFCC would be held in Hubli.

One point to be noted is that power of Rockline Venkatesh. Odhu Gowder invited the former Vice President of KFCC Rockline Venkatesh and not the existing members for the meeting.

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