Posted date: 24/October/2009

The firebrand journalist and author of books ‘Agni’ tabloid Sridhar is mixing his first directorial venture with good fire no doubt. Even his eloquent style of address gives many things to write. One such media address on Friday opened up an issue ‘Dr.Rajakumar Veerappan indha naralilla avaru naraliddhu Nadinalliro Veerappangalindha’ Sridhar losing track remembering his meeting with Dr.Rajakumar suddenly came to the track. ‘I met Dr Rajakumar to explain the contents of my subject ‘Buddha’. He was impressed with a few incidents. Later he asked me to get ready the script and screenplay to start the film. Agni Sridhar recalled after that he was kidnapped by fugitive Veerappan. When he remembered the kidnap the above statement also came out from him.

Meanwhile for ‘Thamassu’ he is directing hat trick hero Shivarajakumar and I am happy to work with Dr.Rajakumar son stated Sridhar.

Not only Agni Sridhar appreciated Shivarajakumar but producer cum actor, director Jai Jagdeesh said Shivarajakumar is darling of producers as he always take care of the producer and that is the reason why producers are behind Shivarajakumar even his films are flops. Cameraman Sundarnath Suvarana was also in a mood to bring extra cheer to Shivarajakumar. This universal subject of Agni Sridhar is challenging one. ‘Shiv is challenge to Shiv’ but he did not explain more about his statement. Agni Sridhar wanted to explain how it is…but there was no time.


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