Posted date: 8/September/2008

The style king superstar of Tamil cinema Rajanikanth will be watching ‘Dheemaku’ starring his relative Naveen Krishna in a fortnight time. Rajanikanth watched Naveen Krishna’s earlier film ‘Amruthavani’ and is eking out time from his ‘Edhiran’ film (‘Robot’ is titled in Tamil with Aishwarya Rai by director Shanker) to watch ‘Dheemaku’.

For Naveen Krishna his latest flick ‘Dheemaku’ is one and half years long wait that has well thought screenplay, refreshing subject, good performance and lovely songs in that is all set for release on this Thursday all over Karantaka. Naveen Krishna thanks his director Mageshkumar for working day and night with him for the final outcome. It is a ‘Paisa Vasool’ guarantees Naveen Krishna speaking to this correspondent exclusively on Monday night at Green House restaurant

Son of veteran actor Srinivasamurthy a multi talented youngster Naveen Krishna is sitting in the situation of make or break situation today. He has been in the industry for 12 years doing variety of roles in small and big screen. But the luck for this highly potential actor is evading. The film ‘Dheemaku’ has the contribution of my friends very much and the biggest contributor for this film is my mother Smt.Pushpa Srinivasamurthy. ‘I hope this film will win in the box office for the sake of my mother who had given me second birth’. She had given me her earnings to make this film. When I thought my career has come to an end and I have to be satisfied with roles in small screen she gave me the required support says emotional Naveen Krishna who is filled with lot of tension on the pre release of ‘Dheemaku’.

Naveen Krishna as a matter of fact proved that he is a talented actor in his debut film ‘Srirasthu Shubamasthu’ acting opposite his actor in a fiery style. The films like ‘Good Luck’ that he says is the best in his career did not give him luck. But films like Nenapirali, Kadamba (where he played Dr.Vishnu’s son) Amrutha Vani, Hongansu did not give me the right way to conquer the silver screen. His stint in small screen in five mega television serials was richly appreciated. From ‘Chandama Chakkulimama’ he got a good position for his style of acting and television serials Preethi Illadha Mele, Maneyondhu Mooru Bagilu, Beladingalaagi Baa made him popular. Despite of no work in small screen Naveen Krishna has been very choosy in his roles.

In ‘Dheemaku’ the new styles, different screenplay and day and night work by Naveen Krishna and his 15 members team shaped a two hours 17 minutes film. It is only because of my father’s insistence that ‘Dheemaku’ is crisp and tidy today says Naveen. My every scene and dialogue delivery was given feed back by make up man, sets boys, cameraman, director and assistant directors. Like how an idol is chiseled with lot of minute shaping I have been prepared with right feedback recalls Naveen Krishna on his shooting experience in ‘Dheemaku’.

The dream of Naveen Krishna’s mother was that her husband Srinivasamurthy should reach the status of hero in those days. But Srinivasamurthy had to be satisfied with a powerful standing in the supporting roles. What the husband could not achieve now mother wants to see in her son who has all the ingredients of a hero. It is also the wish of respected Srinivasamurthy to see his son as hero that is mainly because he is multifaceted in his talent.

With fifteen members team Naveen Krishna has applied new marketing measures to reach the public awareness on ‘Dheemaku’ film. The team had traveled Mysore, Tumkur and Bangalore. The Auto drivers and students have been contacted in the contest of ‘Dheemaku’. For the premier of ‘Dheemaku’on last Sunday at Cauvery theatre the winners were given free admission.

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