Posted date: 18/January/2009

‘Nanna Gandana Kanta Haage Nanna Maga Raju Gantalalli sayokke Munche Ittu Hogiddare’ – Smt. Shantha Mysore Ananthaswamy telling this to this journalist a few years ago strike the memory with the passing away news of young singer Raju Ananthaswamy on Saturday morning.

He was 39 and leaves behind mother Shantha and two sister who are staying in USA. The cremation of Raju Ananthaswamy takes place after the arrival of sisters from USA. The body of Raju Ananthaswamy was brought to his JP Nagar residence on Saturday afternoon. Raju Ananthaswamy was a divorcee. He left his wife Vinaya long ago and was staying with his mother in Bangalore. Raju Ananthaswamy’s father Mysore Ananthaswamy the king of light music died long ago on account of throat cancer.

Raju Ananthaswamy the replica of his father Mysore Ananthaswamy in light music died after two days stay at Appolo Hospital because of kidney failure. The blood was oozing out from his body says those who have seen him last at the hospital bed.

As a cute young kid Raju used to play Tabla in the light music programs of his father Mysore Ananthaswamy. He was known for his looks, naughty nature and jovial attitude. He has acted in many Kannada film as comedy actor and sung very few songs in the films. One of which very popular is Yava Moha Murali Kareyithu….for America America.

The Kannada light music and Bhavageethe department has lost an impeccable singer and his death has come because of the grave mistake he did in his life to arrive at the grave yard. The doctors attending on Raju Ananthaswamy from past six years have been telling him that he should stop consuming alcohol. He went against the advice and finally paid the penalty. When Raju recouped last he was under the strict vigilance of his mother but he used to mix alcohol to milk and consume it.

What made this prolific singer to fall prey to alcohol? The personal life disorder - It is partially true. After divorce of his wife Vinaya the singer took to alcoholism.

Raju Ananthaswamy who is around 40 years of age has sung with his father in one of the best albums ‘Hale Beru Hosa Chiguru’. A music teacher and ace composer has ventured in to some variety in programs. He wanted to come out with the compositions of his father that are still in his custody. But even before that he died.

Badavanadhare Enu Priye…..Rathnan Padas…..and hundreds of songs used to come from Raju Ananthaswamy spontaneously without even looking at the lyrics. He has sung for more than 50 albums to Lahari Recording Company.

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