Posted date: 1/June/2009

Disorder is seen before making the film and after making the film. But this is different case. Actress Ramya has become a scapegoat on Sunday afternoon for her no mistake. She came one hour late but she was not informed there is a press meet at 1 pm. She was invited for lunch. Yet the hot tempered words of Ramya irked the media that obviously lead to boycott of the film ‘Jothegara’ press meet.
Had Ramprasad started the media briefing before Ramya arrival to Chancery Hotel on Lavelle road everything would have been cool and under control. He waited for Ramya to turn up.
Certainly the media did not know anything about this and a senior scribe Ganesh Kasargod questioned one hour late arrival of Ramya not knowing what had happened between Ramya and Ramprasad. As a matter of fact the Sunday afternoon media briefing of Jothegara was supposed to solve the controversial issue of producer Ramprasad and hero of the film Premkumar for that Ramya was to be a mediator. This is what the media guessed also.
But the controversy erupted between Ramprasad and Ramya. When Ramya was told why you came late we have all been waiting for one hour she shot back “I told not to wait and I was not mentioned about this press meet”. Why can’t you ask when Ramprasad spoke she said and I am not responsible for late coming she replied angrily. Ramya told the particular journalist when you cannot wait you can go away. I did not tell anyone to wait and I will not ask sorry for late coming she said. The sound in which Ramya replied the senior journalist irked and she was not in mood to say sorry for late coming. Such angry mood of a heroine for a pertinent issue raised by media was not seen before. None of the heroines of Kannada cinema also spoke like this in the past.
How can the media know what went on with Ramya and Ramprasad. The 30 plus media men were waiting for one long hour and when Ramya came the press meet began and immediately it ended in a controversy. Looking things plainly the media was made to wait for the miscommunication between Ramprasad and Ramya.
When the entire media boycotted Ramya and went down Ramprasad, PRO Nagendra, Sujith the music director and director Singamani came down requesting the media to return. Minus Ramya we would attend the press meet was told and the media meet was shifted to another hall in the ground floor of Chancery Hotel.
Only after this Ramya spoke to electronic channels and explained her stand.

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