Posted date: 25/June/2010

The darling of Kannada cinema the No1 actress Ramya bought a four bedroom house with ‘Vassthu’ in perfect order on Lavelle Road the most posh area in the busy Bangalore city.

The ritual of Homa with family members Ramya held today morning and the day coincided with her new film launch ‘Dhandam Dhashagunam’. Ramya’s long time dream was to buy a new house for her mother Smt Ranjeetha and obviously her mother and Ramya are living in this house.

It is a pen house atop the apartment on Lavelle Road where per square foot is R.14500 says Ramya looking gorgeous in a saree. It appeared she came straight from the Gruhapravesham of her new house.

Good in putting things Ramya said she is in the busy locality. Her gym, bank and clubs are also very close by. By the by the bank balance has become nil says Ramya as she put the entire earnings on this new house she bought.

Ramya avare cinema success aithu, olle mane thagondri, Madhuve Yaavaga! Best of luck and great career wish from www.chitratara.com!

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