Posted date: 30/June/2009

For hurting the media by saying ‘Don’t read the reviews in the newspapers and come to the conclusion but come to the cinema and decide’ the ad published by Nenapirali director Rathnaja after his second film ‘Honganasu’ got nasty reviews was the first topic of discussion at ‘Premism’ briefing on Monday noon at Rasa Hotel in Malleswaram, Bangalore.

Ajay Gowda the producer and top ranking director Hamsalekha apologized for such a lapse on the part of the director and urged for the support to extend in future.

Prior to this Rathnaja for his statements earlier that hurt the entire media said at the heat of the moment and producer friend Rs.1.5 crore investment is at stake I said like that. ‘It was not intentional and I was totally disturbed at that time’. Basically I have not done a remake film with big stars holding ‘longu and Machchu’ in their hands. If I do like that then you can spit out at me said Rathnaja in a sound voice. ‘Honganasu’ was my original script, screenplay, dialogue and direction. This is where I got perturbed said Rathnaja and did not say sorry for such nasty statements on the media.

It was Hamsalekha who took Rathnaja to task on the dais and said without media we cannot exist. Media is the first portion of the industry. ‘Nanagu Jeerna aglilla’ after reading remarks of director Rathnaja at ‘Honganasu’ time in the ads that this is ‘Balisha, Sannathana’. Now I say sorry his mistake. It is true that when Rs.1.5 crore is at stake the anger mount up but it should not be to extent of Rathnaja. ‘Nannage Ansuthe Ivana ashtondu Preethinu Beda Regodhu Beda antha’ Hamsalekha pointed. In the last 25 years what is told for me in the media was very big. I have digested it and they also supported me well Hamsalekhe recalled. The Nimbehannu song and Bike song of ‘Prema Loka’ received nasty comments. When ‘Ranadheera’ was made the comments continued. It was for ‘Avale Nanna Hendathi’ I got good reports. I had the patience. It is the patience gives you good standing Hamsalekha advised his ‘Shisya’ Rathnaja.

In the beginning Ajay Gowda reacting to the clarification from the media for his best friend remark informed that he is sorry for what has happened in the past. ‘I do the film for the people and it should go via media’ he clarified.


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